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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. We can’t wait to hear all about you. For now, let us tell you a bit about our team. We are creative, we are passionate, and we’re a little bit sarcastic.

From a kitchen table to a business park in mean streets of Coquitlam, we’ve grown leaps and bounds. Take a peek behind the curtain and get to know the individuals that make up the team.

Meet the Brady Bunch

A highly scientific and thought-provoking look at our team.

Kenneth Russell

CEO / Partner

Marathon runner extraordinaire! In between running sessions, Ken gets his gains by chowing down some sushi. When you get to know Ken, you’ll soon learn that if he had a choice one holiday to celebrate for the rest of his life, hands-down, it would be Christmas.

Kris Hermkens

Sales Management / Partner

Has trouble breaking 90, but still thinks he can play on tour. The best piece of advice he has received comes from his children “Try hard and always have fun!” Kris dreams that one day he will publish a children’s story. About what? He’s not sure yet, but we are sure it will be a bestseller.

Carolynne McConnell

Customer Service Coordinator

Carolynne loves her some shopping. One day, she hopes to bungee-jump… she just has to find the perfect pair of boots first. Our company rock, Carolynne is all-caring, all-loving, and ever-patient as she lives her life to the soundtrack of “Memories” by Maroon 5.

Shane Harnett

Production Manager

One foot on the brake and one on the gas, hey! It’s a VW thing. Daring at heart, Shane plans on trying rally car racing one day. We’re not sure how his VW van will perform, but we encourage him anyways. By Shane’s metric, he’s good at two things – Printing and Bindery. Thank God for that!

Garrett Clark


Lover of the outdoors, Garrett is willing to camp any time of the year! He named his first car “The Ford.” Thankfully, we have other teammates who do the creative work. Though he wishes he could mind-read, we know his superpower to be the ability to predict the weather by smell.

Kendall Gilleran

Estimating / Project Coordinator

Gaming is not the only way Kendall gets her thrills. She once scuba-dived 60ft underwater with 2’ visibility, which earned her the title of most B-A in the office. When she’s on land, she can be found reading her favourite book “The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared”.

Tony Kwan

Creative Designer

Tony chose the life of creative design over a life of professional volleyball. We should all thank him for his talents. Speaking of talents, did you know Tony can sing most of The Simpsons songs from the episodes from the 90’s? Tony is also a Star Wars super-fan. He even named his Corgi after old Ben Kenobi.

Rob Sweet

Creative Designer

Rob once tried to play Stairway to Heaven in a guitar shop only to be denied. Should Hollywood ever make a movie about Rob’s life (maybe an odd mashup of John Wick and The Notebook), he hopes a ’00s-era Brad Pitt would be the lead actor. However, Rob admits that realistically… it would be Michael Cera.

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